Parse a single input string (containing up to two full names) into their individual first name, middle name, and last name components.

The returned object appends gender to each name set. It also identifies business names, nuisance names, and profanity. It detects multiple first names and multiple last names, and verifies commonality of first name and last name.

The service will also fix transposed names. If you pass in "SMITH JOHN", "JOHN SMITH" or "SMITH, JOHN", the response will always be firstname=JOHN, lastname=SMITH.

Making a Request

ValidateName leverages the same low level search functions and data sources used in our Batch Validate Name service. Pass on or two full names to parse into first, middle, and last names. Codes are also returns to indicate various secondary characteristics and errors (see below).


HTTP Headers

The "content-type" in the HTTP header must be set to "application/json", otherwise an HTTP 400 Bad Request response will be returned.


Each name passed is returned parsed into distinct first, middle, and last name, as data is available. If request contains two names then two separate sets of names and gender are returned. The appropriate parsing and validation codes are returned as an array.

Field nameTypeDescription
FirstName1stringParsed first name
MiddleName1stringParsed middle name
LastName1stringParsed last name
FirstName2stringParsed first name
MiddleName2stringParsed middle name
LastName2stringParsed last name
CodesarrayParsing and validation results. See Status codes.

Name Status Codes

The following status codes are returned for the ValidateName method

N1Parsing successful
N2Parsing error
N3FirstName1 had its spelling corrected
N4FirstName2 had its spelling corrected
N5FirstName1 was found in the first name lookup table
N6LastName1 was found in the last name lookup database
N7FirstName2 was found in the first name lookup database
N8LastName2 was found in the last name lookup database

Data Error Codes

The following codes indicate specific issues with your name data.

N9Unrecognized name format
N10Multiple first names detected
N11Vulgarity detected
N12Suspicious word detected
N13Business name detected
N14Non-alphabetic character detected
Name contains a number, punctuation, or control character.

HTTP Error Messages

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