Verify and standardize input postal addresses to USPS standards.

- Parses input address into its individual elements, which may include house number, street name, street type, unit number, and more.
- Confirms deliverability using Delivery Point Validation (DPV).
- Corrects street and city name misspellings.
- Appends city and state in cases where only a street address and postal code are input.
- Appends postal code in cases where only city and state are input.
- Verifies whether delivery type is business or residential.
*- Appends time zone.


HTTP Headers

The "content-type" in the HTTP header must be set to "application/json", otherwise an HTTP 400 Bad Request response will be returned.


Field nameTypeDescription
AddressstringFormatted full street address
AddressRangestringParsed address range
StreetNamestringParsed street name
SuffixstringParsed street suffix. i.e. St, Ave, Rd
PostDirectionstringParsed street post direction
CitystringParsed and corrected city
CountyNamestringCounty name
CountyFipsstringCounty FIP code
Statestring2 digit state abbreviation
Zipstring5 digit postal code
Zip4string4 digit Zip extension
CountryCodestringCountry code
CarrierRoutestringCarrier route number
CongressionalDistrictstringCongressional district number
TimeZonestringTime zone description
TimeZoneCodestringTime zone code
AddressTypeCodestringAddress type code

ValidateAddress Status Codes

This section lists the following types of status codes for the ValidateAddress method

Result Codes

A1Address matched to postal database
A2Street address match
A3Non-USPS address
A4Foreign postal code detected
A5Address matched to CMRA
A6Address has been updated by LACS
A7Suite appended by Suite Link
A8Address is vacant
A9Alternate delivery
A10DPV Error
A11This address is deliverable by USPS only
A12No suggestions
A13Extraneous information found
A47Last name reported at address

Application Error Codes

A14Zip code error
A15Unknown street error
A16Component match error
A17Non-deliverable address error
A18Multiple match error
A19Early warning system error
A20Missing minimum address input error
A21Suite range invalid error
A22Suite range missing error
A23Primary range invalid error
A24Primary range missing error
A25PO HC or RR box number invalid error
A26PO HC or RR Box number missing error
A27CMRA secondary missing error
A30Suite range extraneous error

Correction Codes

A33Zip code change
A34State change
A35City change
A36Base alternate change
A37Alias change
A38Address1/address2 swap
A39Address/company swap
A40Plus4 change
A41Urbanization Change
A42Street name change
A43Suffix change
A44Street direction change
A45Suite name change
A46Suite range change

DPV Status Codes

DPV1Address matched to postal database
DPV2Address not matched to postal database
DPV3Address matched to DPV database
DPV4Input address house number matched to DPV but secondary number not matched
DPV5Input address house number matched to DPV but address is missing secondary house number
DPV6Input address house number missing
DPV7Input address house number invalid
DPV8Input address missing PO, RR, or HC box number
DPV9Input address PO, RR or HC number invalid
DPV10Input address matched to commercial mail handler
DPV11Input address matched to commercial mail handler but secondary house number not present
DPV12Address is a military address
DPV13Address is a general delivery address
DPV14Address was coded to a unique postal code

Address Type Codes

FFirm or Company address
GGeneral Delivery address
HHigh Rise or Business complex
PPO Box address
RRural Route address
SStreet or Residential address

HTTP Error Messages

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