Add business landline phone numbers to U.S. contact records by searching our database using existing contact fields such as business name, city, state, and postal address.


HTTP Header

The "content-type" in the HTTP header must be set to "application/json", otherwise an HTTP 400 Bad Request response will be returned.

Making a request

The Accurate Append Business Phone Append Web API closely mimics the logic and data sources used in our batch append service except it allows the user to programmatically make single calls using an API. Pass a business name and physical address to look-up the phone numbers of your customer.


The returning source element will indicate if the phone number matched a specific database and may determine if the device used is a mobile phone or a landline phone.
For a list of codes and descriptions click here.


Business searches are conducted using a combination of business name, location and postal address match. The MatchLevel response field indicates how well the request fields sent to the API match the response fields. For example, a MatchLevel returned of BUS1 gives a high confidence that there is an exact match whereas a return of BUS2 states that business name does not necessarily make a match yet the address is a perfect match. BUS3 gives a low confidence that the business name matches yet the address is an exact match. For a list of MatchLevel codes and descriptions click here.


For a list of codes and descriptions click here.

HTTP Error Messages

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