Enhance your contact records with numerous demographic and lifestyle metrics to help boost the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, and more precisely target your prospects.


HTTP Header

The "content-type" in the HTTP header must be set to "application/json", otherwise an HTTP 400 Bad Request response will be returned.

Making a Request

The Demographic Append function closely mimics the logic and data sources used in our batch append service except it allows the user to programmatically make single calls using an API. Pass contact information such as first name, last name, city, state and physical address to look-up the demographics of your customer such as estimated income, ethnicity and duration of residence.

Response Definitions


Field nameTypeDescription
AgeintAge as calculated from Date of Birth.
AgeRangestringAge range calculated from Age

18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-44, 55-64, 65-74, 75+
DOBstringDate of birth
HoHstringHead of household rank. 0-9
GenderstringGender. M / F / U
MaritalstringInferred marital status.
Single / Married
ChildPresentstringIndicates presence of children in the household.
HomeownerTypestringHome Owner / Renter
LengthOfResidencestringLength of residence (in yrs)
MedHomeValuestringMedian home value in area
MedianYrsInSchoolstringInferred years of education
(non-numeric description) High school, Some College, Completed College
EstIncomestringEstimated household annual income
EstWealthstringEstimated household wealth
LanguagestringPrimary language spoken in household
OccupationstringIndustry of occupation
Occupation - DetailedstringDetails of occupation
ReligionstringReligious affiliation


All values returned will be "Y" if the attribute is true, otherwise, the attribute is not returned.

Field nameTypeDescription
DonationsContributionsstringDonates to generic causes.
DonationsMailOrderstringDonates to solicitations received via postal mail.
DonatestoCharitableCausesstringDonates to charitable causes.
DonatestoAnimalWelfarestringDonates to animal welfare causes.
DonatestoArtsCulturalstringDonates to the arts and cultural causes.
DonatestoChildrensstringDonates to children's causes.
DonatestoEnvironmentWildlifestringDonates to environmental and wildlife causes.
DonatestoEnvironmentalIssuesstringDonates to environmental issues and legislative efforts.
DonatestoHealthstringDonates to medical and health causes.
DonatestoInternationalAidstringDonates to international causes.
DonatestoPoliticalstringDonates to political causes.
DonatestoPoliticalConservativestringDonates to conservative political causes.
DonatestoPoliticalLiberalstringDonates to liberal political causes.
DonatestoReligiousstringDonates to religious causes.
DonatestoVeteransstringDonates to veteran causes.
DonatestoOtherstringDonates to other causes.
DonatestoCommunityCharitiesstringDonates to community charities.


All values returned will be "Y" if the attribute is true, otherwise, the attribute is not returned.

Field NameTypeDescription


All values returned will be "Y" if the attribute is true, otherwise, the attribute is not returned.

Field NameTypeDescription
ArtsAntiquesAntiquesstringInterested in art, antiques and collectibles.
ArtsAntiquesArtstringInterested in art, antiques and collectibles.
CollectiblesArtsstringInterested in collectible art.
CollectiblesAntiquesstringInterested in collectible antiques.
AviationstringInterested in aviation.
TravelGeneralstringInterested in general travel.
TravelDomesticstringInterested in domestic travel.
TravelInternationalstringInterested in international travel.
TravelCruiseVacationsstringInterested in cruises.
GolfstringInterested in Golf.
BoatingSailingstringInterested in boating and sailing.
HuntingstringInterested in hunting.
FishingstringInterested in fishing.
HealthMedicalstringInterested in bio-hacking, health and medical.

HTTP Error Messages

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