National Change of Address (NCOA) web service is an online tool that allows individuals and organizations to update their mailing address information in a centralized database maintained by the United States Postal Service (USPS). This service is particularly useful for businesses that rely on mailing campaigns and need to ensure that their communications are being sent to the correct addresses.


HTTP Header

The "content-type" in the HTTP header must be set to "application/json", otherwise an HTTP 400 Bad Request response will be returned.

Response Definitions

A single response may include one or more Record elements.

Field nameTypeDescription
AddressstringStandardized Postal address
CitystringStandardized City
StatestringStandardized State
PostalCodestringStandardized 5 digit postal code
PostalCode4stringStandardized 4 digit Zip4
MoveDatestringDate of move (yyyyMM)
MoveTypeenumType of move

Move Type Codes

F = Family
B = Business
I = Individual

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