Batch Processing Overview

All about our turn-key Batch option, file format, and sending your contact list

Once your batch account is set up, processing your contact list is as easy as sending a file to Accurate Append for appending and enhancement. After being received, our system will parallelize and process your requests and return the results when complete.

Batch processing may be configured to append only select match levels, only query particular databases, use some input fields as suppression fields (meaning our system will not append the same value that is already present in the file), append multiple values for select products, and contains many more products than are available using our self-serve application.

File Format

Files sent to Accurate Append for Batch Processing must be a CSV file (or able to be converted to CSV) and contain one request per line in the document. Accurate Append supports file extensions accepted by our system with CSV, TXT, XLS, or XLSX only. Commas, tabs, and Pipe ( | ) characters are supported as a column delimiter. In all cases CTRL-LF characters are required as a row delimiter. Quotation marks ( " ) may be included as an optional text qualifier but when used, all columns in the record should also have text qualification.

Excel files will automatically be converted to an equivalent CSV to the best of our ability prior to being processed. Only the first tab in an Excel file will be converted to a CSV. In all cases, the output file for any file submitted with an XLS or XLSX extension, will be CSV.

Additionally, a zipped (compressed) folder containing a single input listed above file may be accepted for processing by our system. The file extension must be ZIP. PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) file encryption and decryption is available. A PGP file must be sent using the extension PGP. Clients may elect to encrypt their file using our public key accessible here. PGP encryption should not be used with Excel or Compressed files.

Example CSV File

example input

First NameLast NameAddressCityStateZipEmail AddressPhone Number
JohnSmith123 Main StBellevueWA98004[email protected]5551234567

example output
(The exact appended columns are specific to the operation or operations performed on your file. This example is purely illustrative)

First NameLast NameAddressCityStateZipEmail AddressPhone NumberEmail VerificationPhone Verification
JohnSmith123 Main StBellevueWA98004[email protected]5551234567DeliverableValid


Column Order, Content, and Headers

Specific column ordering on your file is not required. However Accurate Append's systems will prefer columns found closer to the the start of the record over columns that come later if there is any question of multiple possible inputs for appending (such as discovering more than one phone number in a file using phone validation). Use of a header row can assist our systems in understanding your file and give you the best possible experience.

The exact input columns required for appending are operation specific. The presence of additional columns that are not used for for appending are allowed and ignored by our system.

Data Retention Policy

Files that are processed may remain accessible for up to 7 days after the date of processing for support purposes only. Upon request, your account may be configured for our system to purge any files immediately after processing. Please note that choosing this option will limit the support our team is able to offer if you have questions about your appended file.

Submitting Files for Batch Processing

FTP upload to Accurate Append using credentials supplied by Accurate Append. FTP and SFTP protocols are supported for access to our FTP servers. FTP/S (FTP over SSL) is not supported.


Accurate Append's Batch Processing does not support trial use and requires an account and configuration prior to use. Contact customer support for more details about setting up Batch Processing access.

Line Type

Line type tells you whether a given phone number is valid, and whether it's assigned to a landline or mobile device.

10-digit phone number.

 IsValid (Boolean)
True: Valid 10 digit number according to NPA
False: Could not confirm input is a valid 10 digit number

 LineType String
C: Mobile phone
S: Land line

Does not return listing information like name or address but it can

o Input => phone number

• Residential


Multi-match leverages three separate phone sources and returns the best number from each source, and will return up to three unique numbers per record. The sources searched are our daily updated landline, quarterly updated landline, and mobile phone database.

o Your product is currently configured to return both land line sources and can be configured with third source that will return mobile phone numbers.

o Input => name and postal address, returns up to two land line phone numbers per record.

• Residential with Line Type

o Combines “Line Type” and “Residential Product”

o Input => name, postal address and phone number