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Accurate Append Gives You Options

Accurate Append's automated Phone, Email, and Demographic Append and Verify solutions can be engaged in two distinct ways – either by simply sending us your contacts file (the "Batch" method), or by integrating your applications directly through our software library ("API" for developers).

Batch is the simplest option, and the best choice for most busy sales and marketing professionals – it means you just send us your contact file, we process it and send it back.

For software developers, the API is a great choice when you need fine-grained control of contact data processes or real time integration with your applications. Unlike Batch, you don't send a file of contacts, you send HTTP GET requests to look up data for a single contact at a time.

Either option can dramatically bolster the accuracy, completeness, and value of your contact lists.

How you choose to send us your data, and the level of automation you want, is up to you.

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Learn More About Batch vs API

Want more detail about the differences between Batch or API options? Let's take a slightly deeper dive into each...

Batch is typically the right choice for sales professionals. It's the simplest option for clients from SMB to enterprise – the fire-and-forget way to quickly upgrade your contact list. Just send us your file (as .xls, .csv, or .txt) and we do the rest. You can send your file by uploading it from our website Dashboard, or via FTP.

If you're not sure about how to format your file, the best way to send it, or how to interpret the results, don't worry. We'll guide you every step of the way!

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File Upload MethodWorks with...
Email attachment (.csv, xls, .txt)Batch
User Dashboard (.csv, xls, .txt)Batch

The API is the right choice for corporate customers with developer resources, or any client who prefers tighter integration with Accurate Append technology and their existing data processing environment. Note that prior experience writing to a RESTful API, using standard HTTP methods, is an important prerequisite for using our API...

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Learn More About Other Aspects of Our Services

If you're new to appending and verification services, you may still be a little hazy on some of the details.

Our support site features additional FAQs and learning materials that can help speed your understanding of both the process and the service...