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Getting Started

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Accurate Append's automated phone append, email append, and data append solutions help you quickly integrate our high-quality data processing capabilities directly into your business processes.

This document describes the options available for our REST API, outlines our batch processing append resources, and our self-service append services provided by Accurate Append as well as assisting your understanding and selection of which approach meets the needs or your organization.

Which Approach is Right for me?

Accurate Append’s APIs are for developers who want to integrate Accurate Append’s data processing capabilities directly into their application(s) in a real-time manner. It specializes on enhancing or appending a single record of data per use. While the end user of your applications do not require technical knowledge, this approach requires developers to program against our technology and isn't intended for direct use.

More information about Real-Time API

Accurate Append's Batch Processing utilizes the same data and the same logic as our API. Batch processing can be a good option if you want to process a large number of requests or don't want to invest developer resources in creating the infrastructure needed to parallelize API calls. It is also appropriate for business processes that involve direct human interaction. However, our Batch Processing solutions are still fully capable of being integrated with your applications and technology solutions. In all cases, Batch Processing will occur on our system and does not operate in a real-time manner.

More information about Batch Processing

Additionally, Accurate Append allows you to utilize a self-service application to quickly receive a quote for an uploaded file and select from our most popular append and enhancements easily. You can sign up and receive a free quote for your file here.