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sir i want to implement phone api in php code but code not found so please help me how to implement the phone api in php
chris nichols
Nov 23, 2017


If you look at the documentation pages for the various services, each one will have a section titled "Examples". There's a c# and a PHP tab for each service containing code for the particular environment that is general enough to provide a basic call to the real time API. Of course this is an example call and would not be recommended for a production environment as is but could be leveraged to supply the basic framework for your needs.


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nisha nain
Nov 24, 2017

i try but
"Error": "You do not have an active subscription. Please contact customer support.",
message are show

nisha nain
Nov 24, 2017

with my trial api

nisha nain
Nov 24, 2017

what to do sir please help me

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